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Tackling the topics most Christians are too scared to talk about
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Welcome to the 'Church Unboxed' Community!

Church Unboxed is not your average faith-based Podcast. It's not for church-goers who are easily offended. It's not a shallow synopsis of contemporary culture. We're uncovering the issues that have been swept under the rug and listening to people how have felt marginally and sometimes even ignored.
Chruch Unboxed tackles the topics that Christians are too scared to talk about.

Sarah Téibo will be joined by guests each week to share their experiences. The purpose of the show is not to tell people what to think but Sarah is on a mission to shake up the tidy little box we've put the church through open, honest and sometimes uncomfortable conversations. 

Why are few women in church leadership?

Why are so many people leaving congregations because of church hurts?

Is our generation guilty of consumer-Christianity?

Should the church be embracing the LGBT community?

How are Christians really handling racism?

Are we approaching discipleship correctly in the digital age?


We are looking for guests to share their experiences over a 30-minute audio interview with Sarah. The Podcast is being produced in partnership with Andy Baker & Homegrown Worship. Collectively, the team behind Church Unboxed has produced media content for The BBC, GOD TV, TBN, UCB & Premier Christian Radio. 




Simply hit the button above & send us

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