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Tackling the topics most Christians are too scared to talk about


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Melissa Hale

Knoxville, TN

Episode 6 of the Church Unboxed Podcast is available to stream now
In this episode of Church Unboxed I’m joined by Canadian-born, US-based singer Melissa Hale discussing how her Yoga practice inadvertently made her find Jesus and true healing. Melissa hasn’t always been a church-goer, in fact she used to be a Buddhist and Yoga teacher. As a young adult she suffered serious issues with her mental health which led to her being diagnosed as bi-polar. 
If you asked for my view on Yoga and whether Christians should practise it, my initial response would be - it probably depends on what ‘practise’ means. Personally, I’m of the opinion that this could be a safe form of exercise, but I am also aware there is a spiritual side to it - which my guest Melissa gives more insight into.
What say ye, should Christians practice Yoga? Catch the episode, join the conversation on the Facebook Group and let us know what you think.


Church Unboxed is not your average faith-based Podcast. It's not for church-goers who are easily offended. It's not a shallow synopsis of contemporary culture. We're uncovering the issues that have been swept under the rug and listening to people how have felt marginally and sometimes even ignored.

Chruch Unboxed tackles the topics that Christians are too scared to talk about.
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We are looking for guests to share their experiences over a 30-minute audio interview with Sarah for Series 2. The Podcast is being produced in partnership with Andy Baker & Homegrown Worship. Collectively, the team behind Church Unboxed has produced media content for The BBC, GOD TV, TBN, UCB & Premier Christian Radio. 




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