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Tackling the topics most Christians are too scared to talk about



Loulita Gill

Bristol, England

Episode 7 of the Church Unboxed Podcast is available to stream now
In this episode of Church Unboxed I am joined by Loulita Gill whose journey of trauma, abuse and mental health struggles caused her to seek help and find healing through therapy - something the Christian community often frowns upon. Loulita who holds a Masters degree in Practical Theology, whilst also being a graphic designer and singer/ songwriter is married with three sons and lives in the UK.

I have observed that many Christians who struggle with mental health issues sometimes find it difficult opening up about these things to other Christians for fear of being misunderstood or stigmatised. This often leads to them suffering alone; in silence and has damaging long-term impacts on the people involved and their families. If only the Church paid as much attention to mental and psychological health as we do physical and financial wellbeing...

I believe there is so much room for improvement. There needs to be a healthy balance between all these facets of our lives and one way to achieve this could be by having more education and resources in the Christian community to foster an enabling environment to speak about, support and provide professional therapy (not just biblical counselling) to people suffering with their mental health.
That is just my two pence. What say ye, should Christians go to therapy? Catch the episode, join the conversation on the Facebook Group and let us know what you think


Church Unboxed is not your average faith-based Podcast. It's not for church-goers who are easily offended. It's not a shallow synopsis of contemporary culture. We're uncovering the issues that have been swept under the rug and listening to people how have felt marginally and sometimes even ignored.

Chruch Unboxed tackles the topics that Christians are too scared to talk about.
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