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It's Been Too Long - Coming Back From Thyroid Cancer

Thyroidectomy Surgey for thyroid cancer
Surgery Day

It’s been too long since I did a blog post, and I have to apologise 

The truth is, the last 2 years have marked one of the most turbulent seasons of my life. Adulting is no joke I tell you! 

Everything really came to a head on the 17th of April 2023 when I received what is probably the most dreaded news anyone could ever be handed - ‘you have thyroid cancer’. 


And so began my journey into uncertainty. I was immediately fast-tracked for a thyroidectomy -  major surgery to completely remove my thyroid - on the 3rd of May. I had barely enough time to even process the news! To process the consequences of surgery. To process the risks these could pose to my voice and my future. To process why, oh why was this happening to me!

I went down a real mental spiral, as I struggled to accept the diagnosis. ‘I’m a Christian,’ I thought ‘this is not what God promises me. He promises me good health, not cancer.’ And so I battled mentally and emotionally, as I refused to see myself as a ‘cancer patient’. Far be it from me! 

A line from a song (by Greg O’Quinn) I used to sing when I was younger, came to me - ‘if I never fell to the ground, I’d never know you could help me rebound…if I never had to shed a tear, I’d never know you were always near…’ It reminded me that our profession of faith, and God’s faithfulness are only proven - in parallel - when we go through trials. 

I realised I cannot go to God for healing if I do not at the same time come to him with something that needed healing. How could I prove and trust Him to be my Jehovah Rapha, if I never had reason to experience His healing power?

It was at this point, that I not only accepted the diagnosis, but also the healing I already had through Christ Jesus - be it divine or through surgery, I accepted my healing!

Surgery was successful on the 3rd of May and I had the ‘all clear’ 3 weeks after. Praise God! 

Then began my journey to recovery, because the removal of the thyroid is a very delicate procedure done on the throat and very close to the vocal chords. I in fact suffered Mild Vocal Cord Paresis as a consequence of the surgery, which meant I had to go through intense therapy to get back not only my normal speaking voice, but also and more critically, my singing voice. This took months, and at one stage, I feared I may never be able to sing again. It was truly frightening!!

But I thank God for my very supportive husband and kids and for the excellent care of my surgeon - who had such a vested interest in the restoration of my singing voice, that he gave me his personal mobile number to contact him if I had any issues or concerns - and my voice therapists. The NHS is truly a blessing to the UK.

I’m out of vocal rehab aka therapy, and so grateful to be back making music!! Yes, I’ve got a new song out and it’s part of an EP being released later in the year. It is only fitting that the first song to be released is titled ‘All Clear’ 

You’ll be the first to hear about its release on the 23rd of Feb, but in the meantime, I thought I’d break the long silence. Sorry it’s a long read lol!

Till next time, be blessed



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