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‘Norwegian Pine’ is the new Christmas single from MOBO nominated Gospel singer Sarah Téibo, following a string of chart topping releases throughout 2022. It is available now on all digital music stores.


To mark the 75th anniversary of the official annual gift of a Christmas Tree from Norway to the United Kingdom, Sarah Teibo releases ‘Norwegian Pine’ celebrating the enduring friendship between the two nations. The tree, which has been given annually by the city of Oslo since it was first gifted in 1947, is a token of Norwegian gratitude to the people of London for their assistance during the Second World War from 1940 - 1945 and is always lit up in Trafalgar Square on the first Thursday in December.


Initially written as a poem by author, Hilary Robinson, the lyrics have been adapted and set to music by singer songwriter Jon Allen, and unite festive themes of friendship, hope and healing.


Sarah Téibo's unique and powerful combination of tender and soulful vocals add a poignant resonance.  The song begins gently and rises to a heartfelt crescendo as Téibo connects with, and celebrates the beauty of our natural world and peaceful times while remembering absent friends.


‘Norwegian Pine’ which is available on all digital music stores, has already been well received by prominent BBC Radio stations including BBC Radio 5 and BBC Radio 2, and has a festive lyric video on Youtube; perfect for Children and Families to sing along to all through the Christmas season.




Norwegian Pine - Sheet Music

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