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2020 is a year that will not be forgotten in a hurry. Not just because of the global pandemic and the resulting economic downturn, but also because it brought to a head the prevalent racial tensions that had been simmering for decades. Last summer Black Lives Matter protests erupted in America, followed by mass protests and intense conversations the world over. The church also came under fire with many challenging norms and seeking answers. But answers were few, far between and sometimes polarising.

Sarah Téibo is on a mission to search for more answers through reigniting conversations on race matters within the global Christian community via an online discussion panel - ‘Stronger Together’. Joined by a multi-racial panel of 15 influencers from 4 continents, Sarah will be streaming these sessions live on her YouTube and Facebook channels every Sunday through March.

About the initiative, the singer says ‘I feel this is a topic that needs to be addressed constantly for lasting change. Amongst other themes we will be looking at the evolution of race relations within the global Christian community, unpacking the church’s response to racial crisis over the years and how this has been perceived internally and externally. Most importantly, we will be shining the light on initiatives, actions and mindsets which, if adopted, could result in reconciliation and bring about change in the Christian community and potentially further afield’.

Guests from the UK include Church of England priest Rev David Peterson, music A&R Manager Les Moir, singers Noel Robinson, Helen Yousaf and Lucy Grimble, Dr Chuks of the Daily Benefit podcast, Evangelist Nathan Wild and Heidi Damon and Lisa Adjei from Tearfund. International guests include award winning singers Lebohang Kgapola & Collin Damans joining from South Africa, Pastor William Brownlee, singer Leon Timbo and music A&R Milton Allen from the US. Singer Chidi Okpechi will be joining from Australia.

To catch all episodes and contribute to the conversation throughout March, connect with Sarah Téibo on Facebook or subscribe to her YouTube channel. It will also be reposted to IGTV after each livestream.

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