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New "Keep Walking" Album from Sarah Téibo Breaks into Official Charts at #3

One of the hardest working women in UK Gospel right now is Sarah Téibo so it’s no surprise and great news that her “Keep Walking” album has sold enough copies to enter at number 3 in the Official Christian & Gospel Charts amongst ever present mega players such as Hillsong, Rend Collective and Skillet .

“Keep Walking” her second studio album  was released on 29th June with a live (sold out) gig at the Pizza Express Live Music Venue in Holborn. Sarah stated, “It was truly a beautiful event with one of the most engaged and exciting audiences I’ve ever sung to! Can’t wait to do it again”.

Fast forward to just 2 weeks after the release and we hear the fantastic news – the album has made it into the Official Charts and landed a number 3 spot in the Christian & Gospel genre. Sarah exclaimed, “I could not contain my excitement when I heard it. It’s not everyday an independent female Gospel artist makes it into this chart. Oh my goodness!!” She continued, “To those of you who have bought the album, I say a massive ‘Thank you’. You are part of the reason this has happened! If however you haven’t got your copy, please do – I guarantee you, you’ll get value for your £6.99. Your action of downloading the album will help keep Gospel Music released by an independent artist in the charts for as long as possible. You could stream too, but album sales/downloads carry more weight”.

So let’s take it a step further and encourage friends and family who love Gospel Music to get the album too, thus keeping it in the charts or maybe even bumping it to number 1. Let’s help Sarah take the positive, powerful and inspirational Gospel message in “Keep Walking” to everyone, everywhere!

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